New music – ‘begin’ single out now  


Igama is the solo-project of  SLC-based, American producer Adonis Jordan.

Igama utilizes a mixture of live analog recording, various guitars, voice, and field recordings to create his unique strain of electronic music. Igama music both pays homage , and yet, is distinctly untethered to the realms of classical, jazz, krautrock, ambient, and synth-pop.

Those inspirations have allowed Igama the bandwidth to appeal to a diverse audience and allow the music itself to remain in focus.

Igama also has the ability to create unique remixes that maintain the spirit of their source material and has remixed artists like CloZee Christopher Willits, Manatee Commune, and more.

Artist Statement: “ I believe music is the universal language and force that can and should be used to bring people together. Music is able to reach the deepest hollows of our being in a way words simply are incapable of. Though my music explores many thoughts and emotions, the common arch is Love. Love for my fellow human, the earth, and my creator. “

Igama’s first full-lenth album, Angular Bliss,was self-released 05/25/17, featuring artwork by Berlin-based artist Hatva. The album is strongly genre-defiant but crosses the intersection of Downtempo and Melodic Electronic Music.

In the summer of 2016 he contributed a remix to the CloZee – Revolution Remixes album via Gravitas Recordings alongside, ill.Gates, AMB, Charlesthefirst, Sixis, and more. Igama’s remix was also one of three included on CloZee’s vinyl pressing of Revolution.

Adonis Jordan has over ten years of experience as a live musician and is a natural performer who carries that passion and energy on stage each time he performs. In addition to his electronic work Jordan has performed in numerous settings as a singer-songwriter in his home state of Utah.